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Combining machine & human intelligence to get your patients all the care they deserve.

A pre-flight and utilization management engine.

GetAuth is powered by a proprietary data model that recognizes clinical data to reduce denials and speed up approvals.

Preflight Reports

GetAuth cross references case data to the appropriate payor guidelines, identifying missing clinical data and providing an approval likelihood estimate in real time.

1-click Resolution 

If missing clinical information is identified, GetAuth  fetches the data from the appropriate party with just a click of a button.

Denial "Hitmen"

And for those tougher to resolve cases, our experienced team of physician case reviewers will work on recovering those cases for you.

Our Current Coverage

Oncology Imaging

Cardiology Imaging

Orthopedic Devices

Business Meeting

The 5X Guarantee

Contact us to learn how a GetAuth™ trial can guarantee your organization

a 5x ROI in just 6 months.

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