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The future of virtual care is here.

Are you?

A telehealth solution for established practices.

ValCare is an out-of-the-box telehealth solution that plugs into your clinic's existing workflow.

HIPAA-compliant Calls

ValCare uses the same HIPAA-compliant technology trusted by UC San Diego School of Medicine, Arkansas Children's Hospital, University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine, MDLIVE, and Cipher Health.


Seamless Syncing

The single page ValCare dashboard syncs your patient schedule from your EHR and PM solution, allowing you to seamlessly engage with patients at the click of a button.

Automated Virtual Triage

ValCare is equipped with a virtual medical assistant that conducts clinician-level intake with your patients and produces draft clinical note for you before the patient encounter.


Audit Trail Protection

ValCare securely stores audit trails containing time stamps, call durations, chat logs, and metadata of each encounter for added liability protection.

Included Features



Business Associate Agreement

Secured Photo Sharing

Reminder Notifications

Built-in Billing Optimization

Virtual care is here to stay.

Contact us to learn more about establishing your own telehealth infrastructure.

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