For decades, the healthcare system has remained unchanged; unfortunately, the status quo of today no longer meets the demands of tomorrow.


To truly meet the needs of healthcare consumers, we propose the inevitable:

scrap the system as a whole and start from the very beginning. 



We're a team of providers and data scientists on a mission to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to deliver the affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare everyone deserves.


The Team

Co-founder & CEO

Alex decided to delay residency to focus on developing the tech solutions healthcare needs. He completed his medical training at the McGovern Medical School located in the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical metropolis in the nation.

Clinical Data Analyst

Nasim is a clinician-researcher well-versed in medical informatics, data analysis, and statistical learning.  As both a researcher and a physician, she is no stranger to taking innovative ideas from the lab and applying them to the office setting and medical marketplace.

Co-founder & CTO

John is a computer science student at Rice University and machine learning expert. On top of taking graduate courses as a sophomore, John led bioinformatics research at Baylor College of Medicine where he applied machine learning to genetic disease prediction.

Director of Marketing & Sales

Dave is a senior sales executive with extensive experience in healthcare IT marketing and sales. He has previously served as Regional Sales Director at multiple healthcare technology companies where he helped scale revenues from $0 to >$8MM ARR.

Product Development

Alex is a physician and graduate of Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He oversees clinical content and believes technological integration in healthcare is imperative to continue providing optimal care for the world's growing population.

Business Development

Brian is an accomplished sales and business development professional with diversified B2B2C experience inside and outside of the healthcare industry. His sales, business development and HCIT technical experience utilizes a collaborative approach in earning the trust and needs of patients, providers, and health systems.

Advisory Board

General Counsel

HIPAA Counsel

Clinical Adviser - Medicine

CDI Strategy Adviser

Expert Adviser on Healthcare Informatics & Integration

Clinical Adviser - General Surgery

Digital Health Strategy Adviser

Clinical Adviser - OB/GYN

Clinical Adviser - Family Medicine


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