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Imagine if patients could write their doctor's note ahead of time.

Automated patient pre-intake & documentation

Hello, Allevia

Allevia™ is an intelligent patient intake solution that automates clinical documentation for healthcare providers.


Providers see a 30% reduction in EHR use and 63% fewer clicks.

Optimized Efficiency

Allevia streamlines clinical workflow by 50%, freeing up clinical and ancillary staff.

More Patient Care

Allevia saves 720 clinic-minutes/month, leading to more time for patients.

Proven ROI

Allevia generates over $100,000 additional annual revenue per provider .

mobile notification

Mobile Notification

As soon as an appointment is made at the office, the patient will receive a text message, email, or portal notification asking them to fill out a Pre-appointment Questionnaire. Patients can do this on any device, anywhere, any time.

ai-powered patient intake

AI-Powered Intake

Allevia™ uses intelligent algorithms to cross reference evidence-based literature with the patient's chief complaint, medical history, and visitation reason to identify the most pertinent clinical questions unique to their presentation.

ehr clinical note

Draft EHR Note

Allevia™ converts the patient's responses into a draft note directly in your EHR, leaving you with the best door note possible about your patient - all before ever stepping foot in an exam room.

Additional Features

Insurance Verification

Perform real-time insurance and patient benefit eligibility checks.

Payment Collections

Collect co-pays, outstanding balances, and administer payment plans.

Custom Branding

Stamp your organization's logo and color scheme.


Easily upload your practice's policy forms and capture e-signatures.

Ready for less paperwork

and more patients?

Schedule a call  to see how our intelligent patient intake solution works in your practice

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